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Dearomatized Solvents

Description: It is a blend of fully hydrogenated high-purity isoparaffins and naphthenic hydrocarbons. This product, with low aromatic content and high solvent properties, is available in different boiling ranges and also complies with FDA 21 178.3620 (c) specifications. Features & Advantages:
  • High solvent properties
  • Low aromatic content
Applications: D-40 is used as a carrier, raw material, or solvent in the production of insecticides and pest control agents, in the paint and coating industry, in the industrial cleaning sector, in drilling fluids, aerosol applications, ink production, the aluminum industry, and offset printing machine cleaners. Technical Specifications:
  • The values mentioned here are typical values for the product and do not establish product specifications.
FeatureTest Method
Typical Value
Color (Saybolt)ASTM D 156+30
Intensity@ 15 °C, g/mLASTM D 40520.820
Viscosity@ 40 °C, mm2/sASTM D 4451700
Flash point
(COC), °C
ASTM D 92<80
Pour Point, °C (max.)ASTM D 6749<-40
Aromatics, %w/wASTM D2140<0,1