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25 Years of Experience in the Chemical Industry

SOLVENTECH, established to be a pioneer in global trade and meet the needs of the chemical industry with its extensive experience, offers solutions in bulk and packaged raw material supply with its robust infrastructure.

SOLVENTECH serves as a reliable solution partner for its customers, enabling them to be more competitive in the industry through its high-quality products, transportation, import, storage, and consulting services.

Founded by a team with years of experience in the industry, SOLVENTECH places a strong emphasis on its commitment to quality service through trustworthy partnerships established at the level of collaboration with leading manufacturers worldwide.

Our business ethics and trust-centric approach drive us to establish not just one-time but always long-term and lasting partnerships as our primary goal.

Industry-Specific Chemical Products

We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations and specialize in producing industry-specific chemicals.

Sustainable Quality

We meet our customers' needs by consistently providing imported products with the same quality standards, without compromising on product quality, leveraging our technical knowledge and experience.

Price Guarantee

We renew our product portfolio every day to meet our customers' every raw material need on time, with a price guarantee and quality assurance.

Our team comprises sales representatives with extensive market knowledge about the markets we serve, as well as supply chain operation experts. We take pride in the long-term and sustainable business partnerships we have created as a result of this globally integrated network of experienced professionals.


Industrial Chemicals

SOLVENTECH serves as a solution partner for its customers’ petroleum-derived chemical product needs, and also conducts marketing and commercial activities for other raw materials. 


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We provide on-time, high-quality, and secure shipments.

Our professional team is working to enhance efficiency in the market

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